Could You Be Pregnant? What Are The Common Pregnancy Signs That You Should Not Ignore?

Pregnancy SignsPregnancy is a great blessing whether its arrival came as a surprise or unexpected. While some pregnancies are detected as early as 1-2 weeks, there are some women who can’t be sure whether they are pregnant or not. There are even cases of pregnancy that came undetected up to 3-4 months. This may occur to women who do not have a regular menstruation or are dealing with illnesses that may exhibit the same signs and symptoms like nausea and vomiting as in the case of an acid attack or peptic ulcer and UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. This can be the case for some women who are first time mothers. While this may not be common, it could still be a reason for miscarriage. Thus, it is very important that women know the early pregnancy signs so they will have an idea and prevent miscarriage and other possible risks to their babies and to themselves. Knowing the right questions to ask yourself will help you determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Question #1 Did I Miss My Period?

A missed period is the number one sign among the many pregnancy signs and symptoms that you must consider. When you have a regular period, missing it for a week or two might already indicate pregnancy’s first sign. Missing your period will also lead you to asking more questions about the other symptoms of pregnancy. For women with irregular menstruation, a missed period might just confuse them. You just have to wait for other pregnancy first signs like nausea and vomiting. However, there are also reports saying that some women do not experience them as well.

Question #2 Am I Easily Exhausted? Do I Get Tired Easily?

Fatigue or exhaustion is another common pregnancy sign that you will notice early in your pregnancy. Common activities like going to and fro around the house, cooking and cleaning which were not bothersome to you before are becoming the cause of your exhaustion. You may not notice it at first but it will become more obvious when you experience it for a week or more.

Question #3 Have I Become Sleepy And Weak? Have Other People Noticed Such Changes In Me?

Aside from getting tired so easily, you also seem to be weak. You don’t want to move and you only wanted to rest or sleep. Sleeping as early as 10 am or in times when you don’t usually sleep is an early sign that you will experience in the first 3 months of pregnancy or depending on how your body has adapted and how you have addressed the changes you are experiencing. Remember that when the body easily gets tired, it means that it is dealing with a major change. Rest is the body’s common defense mechanism when under changes or stress.

Question #4 Am I Getting Dizzy Or Lightheaded?

It is common for pregnant women to experience light-headedness after several minutes of walking, standing for a little too long or climbing a set of stairs. Some even faint especially when they eat their breakfast late. This could be risky especially when you travel without a companion. It is the body’s normal response to the increasing size of the uterus which starts to push against the arteries leading to limited blood flow within the body. Thus, some pregnant women faint or are short of breath.

Question #5 Do I Feel Nauseated Or Sick To My Stomach?

Another telling sign that a woman is pregnant is nausea and vomiting. You may also experience it after drinking your favorite beverage in the morning when your stomach is empty or even after your full breakfast. It is commonly called “morning sickness”. However, not all women experience such “sickness” in the “morning”. You may feel nauseated and vomit anytime of the day. Some women experience it in the afternoon along with a fever-like condition. Others may experience it for the whole day. Your body reacts in such a way because of the surge of hormones in your system. Your body needs time adjusting to such and will be fine by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy or until the first 2 months of the second trimester.

Question #6 Have I Needed To Urinate Often?

Urinating frequently is another sign of pregnancy. While some may confuse it with other illness like UTI, do not reject other symptoms and have yourself tested at the clinic or you can administer a home pregnancy test to be sure. UTI and pregnancy, according to doctors can in fact coexist. You must know that you are pregnant before administering any prescription for your UTI as some medications may affect your baby’s development. UTI must also be cured during pregnancy as the infection may get through to your uterus and affect your baby. The need to “go” often is caused by the increasing size of the uterus which pushes and squishes the bladder. Pregnancy will also cause your body to produce more liquid which is another reason why you need to make frequent trips to the comfort room. On average, a pregnant woman may need to urinate at least 10-15 times per day.

Question #7 Have I Noticed Changes In My Breasts?

Have you felt a tingling or prickly sensation in your nipples? Have your nipples become darker? Have your areolas (dark area around your nipples) gotten darker and somehow widened? Have you felt that your breasts became tender or swollen and increased in size just like when you are about to get your period? While the last sign can be mistaken as just a sign of an impending period, remember to consider other symptoms mentioned in this article. If your breasts feel the same for more than 2-4 weeks, it may mean you are pregnant.

Question #8 Have I Experienced A Heightened Sense Of Smell?

A heightened sense of smell is another common sign that you are pregnant. You are sensitive to smell. You might not like the smell of something you used to really like. You are sensitive to cigarette smoke, perfumes and even the smell of your cooking. This is caused by the increase of estrogen flow in your system during pregnancy.

Question #9 Have I Experienced Back Pains?

Back pains especially in the lower back area as well as the buttocks are also considered as early signs of pregnancy which you will experience sometime between the first trimester of pregnancy. This is due to weight gain caused by the uterus’ increase in size as well as the baby’s development. During pregnancy, the woman’s lower body obviously grows bigger.

Question #10 Have I Felt Bloated?

Bloating can first be noticed in the first 2 months of pregnancy. When you feel bloated for a week or two, it might mean that a baby is starting to grow inside your womb. Bloating is usually caused by progesterone which is needed for a healthy pregnancy. However, it slows down digestion making you feel bloated.

Now that you know the most common and early pregnancy signs, there is no room for confusion that may lead you to cause unintentional harm to your baby. The next step is to confirm your pregnancy by doing a home pregnancy test or a serum test at the nearest clinic. Enjoy your pregnancy. It is a beautiful moment for a woman. Also, know the pregnancy labor signs especially when you are approaching the last trimester of your pregnancy.